Additional Rent: Percentage Rent for Retail Explained Feb. 29, 2016

In last week’s post, I introduced the much misunderstood concept of Gross Up: how it sometimes gets a bad reputation but is actually intended to protect both the landlord and the tenant. In today’s article, I’ll define and explain the retail-specific mechanism of Percentage Rent. Percentage... Read More »

Understanding CPI in Commercial Real Estate

Thanks to all who joined us for last week’s article about Percentage Rent. Today’s article is about the method of calculating Additional Rent referred to as CPI. Although rarely seen in new deals, CPI is still used to a lesser extent in commercial real estate... Read More »

Commercial Lease Fundamentals: Lease Options Explained

To start, Realogic would like to take a moment to thank all visitors that have offered their positive feedback for the Commercial Lease Fundamentals series. We’re honored that so many people have found value in the knowledge we have shared. Today we introduce the third... Read More »

Realogic attends Sterling Bay Benefit Bash for PKD Feb. 26, 2016

On Wednesday September 10, 2014, Sterling Bay hosted their fourth annual Benefit Bash at Benchmark in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago. This year’s benefit was in appreciation of the PKD Foundation and all that they do to discover and deliver treatments and a cure for... Read More »