Transform Your Data Into Actionable Information, Deep Insights

Your closing binders are filled with critical and valuable data on the debt provisions encumbering your commercial real estate portfolio. Realogic has the experienced loan abstraction team, advanced solutions and best-in-class loan abstraction services to extract that data and transform it into actionable information and deep insights.

Maximize Your Returns, Lower Your Costs

Our detailed reports and thorough but concise loan abstracts provide far more than basic loan terms, like loan amount, rates and amortization terms. Our reports and abstracts also clarify the clauses that impact your ability to operate encumbered assets, including sweeps, cash trap triggers, guaranties and indemnity provisions, allowing you to maximize your returns and minimize your costs.

Consistent, Proven Process

Our expert, Chicago-based loan abstraction team follows a proven, consistent, multi-step process to ensure we always provide our clients with the essential data, information and insights they need to achieve their financial objectives:

Step 1 – Planning: Based upon your specific objectives, Realogic designs a loan abstraction work process to ensure we meet your critical needs in a timely fashion.

Step 2 – Execution: With over 30 years of experience working with a broad spectrum of loan documentation of varying complexity, we can quickly extract and accurately interpret the data you need to accomplish your objectives. Our experienced project management team will keep you informed and up to date on our progress and alert you to any missing data as your project progresses through our detailed, multi-level review process.

Step 3 – Delivery: We find, extract and summarize the critical data hidden in your loan documents, translate it into actionable information and deliver it all to you in thorough, concise reports and loan abstracts, giving you the essential insights and intelligence you need to operate your assets more efficiently and profitably.

Critical Dates, Clauses and Key Loan Terms

Realogic’s accurate, high-quality loan abstracts are packed with essential data and key terms so you can closely track and monitor all your essential loan dates, clauses and provisions and manage your financial positions more proactively.

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