Accurate, Consistent, Superior

At Realogic, we approach the preparation of estoppel certificates the same way we approach every assignment: our experienced commercial real estate professionals work quickly and efficiently, yet carefully and accurately, and strive to deliver a consistent, superior product, on-time, every time. Perhaps that’s why we have become one of the commercial real estate industry’s leading sources for accurate, high-quality estoppels and have been asked to produce thousands of estoppel certificates over the past three decades.

The Right Information

Our Chicago-based consulting team understands that, just as commercial real estate properties vary, so do real estate transactions and estoppel certificate requirements. Estoppel requirements can range from the simple and straightforward, like basic financial data, to the more nuanced and detailed, such as options and encumbrances.

A Tailored Approach

No matter what your specific needs and objectives are, we’ll know the best sources for the required data and the most efficient way to populate the estoppel form, ensuring your estoppel certificates are completed quickly and accurately. We’ll also carefully track sent, returned, reviewed and approved estoppels in order to meet your lender’s requirements, freeing up your team’s valuable time.

An Informed, Efficient Process

Over the course of more than 30 years and tens of thousands of commercial real estate acquisitions, dispositions and underwriting projects, we’ve developed an informed, efficient and proven process that serves as the foundation for every project. This process helps ensure our work is consistent and that every estoppel certificate we produce is accurate, complete with essential details, and comprised of data and information that meets each of our client’s unique needs and objectives.

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