A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Realogic has the right team, skills, resources and depth of experience to ably handle any of your due diligence needs. We offer a comprehensive and fully integrated set of due diligence services that can help commercial real estate organizations of any type or size uncover hidden value, avoid costly mistakes and maximize the return on their investments. Our essential due diligence services and solutions include:

Lease Abstraction

  • Highlight financial and non-financial clauses
  • Provide robust lease clause reporting
  • Identify tenant risks

Financial Model Review

  • Review Argus Enterprise, rDCF, Excel or other software models
  • Compare financial models to leases, rent rolls, expense reconciliations and budgets
  • Check models for nonstandard calculation methodologies, hidden tricks and input errors
  • Identify and analyze renewal options

Financial Diligence

  • Review historical and projected operating statements
  • Reconcile security deposits and letters of credit to leases and deposits on hand
  • Review accounts receivables, flag issues and follow up on identified issues
  • Abstract and review service contracts for salient data points

Closing Support

  • Assist in pro-rations and closing statement preparation
  • Prepare and review purchase and sale exhibits
  • Fulfill lender requests


  • Expedite estoppel creation through proper identification of source data, such as accounting systems, leases and abstracts
  • Track, approve and resolve issues
  • Monitor critical estoppels and required thresholds


  • Confirmatory site inspections
  • Scenario, sensitivity analyses
  • Underwriting
  • Post-close assimilation

Choose the Due Diligence Support You Need

Realogic offers a full suite of due diligence services and solutions. Whether you’re conducting due diligence for an acquisition, disposition, financing or investment opportunity, we can help with any step of your due diligence process, or handle the entire process for you.

Experienced, Dependable Team

At Realogic, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality and unrivaled accuracy and integrity of our work. We recognize that every due diligence project is different, and tailor our approach for each assignment to ensure that we meet your specific needs and objectives – and that our work meets our own impeccable standards. Realogic’s professional, dependable teams can seamlessly integrate with your team, processes, and workflow to ensure your due diligence project proceeds smoothly and efficiently and without interruption. We have a deep understanding of commercial real estate strategy and have experience with diverse product-types and all aspects of the capital stack.


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