Experienced, Capable, Accurate

Realogic’s commercial real estate acumen and exceptional project management skills enable us to ably tackle projects of varying size, complexity, asset type or class.

Get A Head Start on Your Competition

Our unique combination  of DCF expertise, including mastery of industry leading software applications like Argus Enterprise and rDCF, and our library of built, ready-to-use Excel models make Realogic the smart choice for your commercial real estate projects, especially when it’s critical to get a head start on your competition.


Whatever Your Objectives, Realogic Can Help

Realogic can swiftly and skillfully execute your commercial real estate project for nearly any purpose, including:

  • Investment Committee presentations
  • Purchase Price Accounting (ASC 805)
  • Quarterly and annual reporting requirements
  • Multiple standards
    • ASC 820
    • GIPS
    • USPAP
  • Asset valuations
  • Fund valuations
  • Stock valuations


Tailored, Nuanced Approach

Because no two projects or assets are exactly alike, we tailor our approach for each assignment, taking into account the purpose and nature of the assignment, what information our client needs and for what purposes. Our proven processes serve as a strong and reliable foundation for our work. Tailoring our specific approach to each client and project assures our work is nuanced and helps our clients achieve their business objectives, whatever they might be.


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