Accurate, Consistent, Superior

Unsurpassed Quality, Accuracy and Detail

When it comes to lease abstraction, Realogic has few peers. In the 30+ years we’ve been abstracting leases and other commercial real estate legal and financial documents, we’ve developed a well-earned reputation for the unrivaled quality, impeccable accuracy and rich detail of our lease abstracts.

Experienced, Chicago-Based Team

Our expert, experienced lease abstraction team is based in our downtown Chicago office. We have decades of experience abstracting leases for all types of properties, including office, retail and industrial. Having pored over thousands of leases of all length and complexity, we understand how tenant leases are structured and can quickly find and accurately summarize the key clauses and data.

Translate Lease Data into Powerful Information, Insights

We recognize that different commercial real estate teams, transactions and circumstances often require different lease data, and are adept at delivering the specific information and insights our clients need to meet their particular objectives. Not only are our lease abstracts clear, concise and easy to read and interpret, but we translate the data hidden in leases and amendments into actionable information and powerful insights to give our clients a significant edge over their competition.

Careful, Upfront Planning

At Realogic, lease abstraction starts with careful, upfront planning. Before we process a single lease or amendment, we meet with our client to confirm the purpose of the abstraction assignment, their specific needs and objectives, and the timing.

Next, we leverage our decades of experience reading and interpreting leases to identify any local, regional and macro conditions that might impact our client’s leases or lease data.

Once we start reviewing and abstracting leases, we use our advanced project management skills to keep the project on track and on deadline. Abstracting leases can be complicated and messy work, plus you never know what we’re going to uncover. Consequently, we communicate with our clients regularly throughout the process to keep them informed of our progress and to address and quickly resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.

Advanced Technology

Our lease abstraction teams are expert in the latest commercial real estate software and technology. Our lease abstraction software of choice is rAbstract, which was designed and developed by Realogic and incorporates our decades of experience abstracting and administering commercial real estate leases and other critical documents. However, we’re also trained in and are experienced with MRI, Yardi and JDE and can work in any of those platforms if you’d prefer.


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