rAbstract is Realogic’s own, proprietary software for abstracting and administering commercial property leases and other essential documents, including mortgages, partnership agreements, service contracts, and other legal documents. Powerful, flexible and easy to learn and use, rAbstract can empower anyone who abstracts or administers leases and other commercial real estate documents to work faster, easier and more efficiently.

rAbstract’s advanced, dynamic features include:

Ready Accessibility

rAbstract is a cloud-based software as a service (“SaaS”) solution, so users can access it anywhere, anytime, with any device using a high-speed internet connection.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate a wide range of detailed, real-time reports to see, manage and analyze your data and to help you make smart, well-informed business decisions. Standard reports include:

    • Rent Rolls
    • Options
    • Recoveries
    • Encumbered Space
    • Security Deposits
    • Percentage Rents
    • Lease Abstracts
    • Critical Dates
    • Document Inventory
    • Plus many more


Consolidated Data

All data from leases and other critical documents is consolidated in a single, centralized database so multiple users can collaborate on projects simultaneously and from different locations.

Advanced Security

All data sent to and from rAbstract is encrypted and protected by SSL technology. Role-based security protocols can be established to add an additional layer of security.

Unmatched Affordability

rAbstract’s square foot-based subscription pricing makes it a superior yet low-cost alternative to expensive on-premises software. Because rAbstract is 100% cloud-based, there’s no middleware or additional hardware to purchase.

Easy Scalability

As your company, team or commercial real estate portfolio grows, rAbstract can easily scale to meet your changing needs. With rAbstract, there’s no limit to the number of rentable square feet you can oversee or the number of users on your account.

Flexible Data Export

All standard reports from rAbstract can be seamlessly exported into Excel, Acrobat PDF or XML formats with just a click. In addition, financial data can be exported into many popular commercial real estate accounting systems, including Yardi and MRI.

Customizable Lists

Checklists of clauses to abstract can be customized and easily changed to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Auto Alerts

rAbstract will automatically send you emails reminding you of critical dates and pending deadlines, so you never miss an important opportunity.