Unrivaled Underwriting Skills and Experience

Over our 30+ year history, the experienced teams at Realogic have underwritten thousands of commercial real estate assets of all types, classes and sizes, from trophy assets and institutional-grade buildings to non-performing loan portfolios.  We have expertly supported all types of transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, financing, refinancing and ground-up development. As a result, we’ve developed an unrivaled set of underwriting skills and a deep understanding of every critical step of the commercial real estate underwriting process—a unique and potent combination we use to help our clients navigate even their biggest and most complex underwriting challenges.

A Full Suite of Services and Solutions

Realogic can help with any and all aspects of your commercial real estate underwriting. We offer a full suite of underwriting services and solutions, including:

  • Gathering and analyzing property information
  • Collecting and analyzing general market and submarket information
  • Financial modeling
  • A portfolio of built, ready-to-use Excel models
  • Creating Asset Summary Reports (ASRs)
  • Conducting income and operating expense trend analyses
  • Testing expense estimates against third-party data
  • Preparing detailed DCF analyses
  • Analyzing assets at individual, sub-portfolio or portfolio levels
  • Generating detailed or summary reports at the asset and portfolio level

Help With Any Size or Type of Commercial Real Estate Project

Realogic’s expert consulting team can assist with any size underwriting project, from a small, single asset to the largest,  multi-tenanted, multi-asset portfolios. We can help with any single step of your underwriting process, assist with several, or oversee and execute the entire process for you. We also can supplement your team by lending a specific underwriting skill or an expertise in any given area. As your portfolio or needs grow, we can easily scale and provide additional underwriting services, resources and solutions.

Broad and Deep Underwriting Expertise

Our Chicago-based underwriting team has the real estate skills, knowledge and specialized expertise to devise and execute creative, out-of-the-box solutions to help solve even the most complex or vexing underwriting challenges. We are experts in structured finance, lending, equity, CMBS markets and distressed debt. In addition, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients from every sector of the commercial real estate industry so we can seamlessly integrate into any team, process or workflow.

Tailored Approach

At Realogic, we take a highly tailored approach towards underwriting. We start every underwriting assignment by reviewing and assessing the fundamental but critical details to ensure our work aligns perfectly with your specific needs and objectives, including:

  • Type of asset
  • Asset class
  • Type of transaction
  • Client’s objectives
  • Client’s position in the capital stack
  • Availability of relevant information
  • Size and scope of project
  • Time frame

Portfolio of Built Excel Models

To help expedite your commercial real estate projects—and give you greater confidence in your numbers– we offer a portfolio of built, ready-to-use Excel models for underwriting, development, fund returns and waterfall calculations.


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