Attractive Opportunities in a Commercial Real Estate Downcycle

While commercial real estate is facing some headwinds right now, especially the office sector, there’s still ample opportunity to earn attractive returns from non-performing commercial real estate loans, sub-performing loans and distressed commercial real estate assets.

For savvy, well-informed and well-capitalized investors, including private equity and investment funds, the opportunities include renegotiating non-performing and sub-performing loans and loan portfolios, acquiring the assets that are the collateral for non-performing commercial real estate loans or a mix of investment strategies. For commercial real estate brokers, there’s an opportunity to represent lenders who are auctioning non-performing loans or loan portfolios and help them receive the highest bids possible.

Whatever your goals in the current commercial real estate climate, Realogic has the right experience, skills, resources and expertise to help.

30+ Years of Experience With Non-Performing Commercial Real Estate Loans and Distressed Assets

Over the past 30+ years, we’ve weathered numerous commercial real estate downcycles. In the process, we’ve gained extensive, hands-on experience with non-performing loans, NPL portfolios and distressed assets. It’s invaluable experience we can put to work for you, along with our unmatched commercial real estate skills, acumen and know-how, to help you maximize the returns on your NPL and distressed asset investments.

A Wide Range of NPL and Distressed Asset Services and Support

Realogic offers a wide range of commercial real estate services, solutions and insights to help investors and funds analyze, accurately underwrite, acquire and manage non-performing commercial real estate loans, NPL portfolios and distressed commercial real estate assets, including:

Site Inspections

  • Property walk-throughs
  • Confirm rent roll
  • On-site due diligence

Argus Model Review

  • Check all inputs
  • Spot errors
  • Confirm calculations

Financial Modeling

  • Precise, detailed, transparent
  • Any type of property
  • Any modeling platform

Underwriting Workbook Preparation

  • Concise summary of findings

Roll-Up Call Presentations

  • Present findings to investment team
  • Professional, knowledgeable presenters

Market Research

  • Comparables
  • Market data
  • CoStar, REIS research

Lease Abstraction

  • Detailed
  • Accurate
  • Thorough

Lease Administration

  • Distressed and non-distressed assets
  • Transform data into results

Loan Abstraction

  • Basic loan terms
  • Additional loan details
  • Thorough, accurate, detailed

A Tailored Approach

At Realogic, we work with clients from across the commercial real estate spectrum: Big. Small. Startup. Established. Conservative. Aggressive. Experienced with NPLs or investing in distressed assets for the very first time. We understand that each client has different needs and that each NPL or distressed asset investment opportunity is unique and tailor our services and approach accordingly. Choose just the NPL service or services you need to supplement your own team and resources or take advantage of the full suite and leverage all our commercial real estate skills, knowledge and expertise.

Control Your Costs and Staffing Levels

Being able to utilize Realogic for just the NPL and distressed asset services you need, when you need them, enables you to tightly manage your costs, a benefit that’s even more critical in a commercial real estate downcycle. Also, you’ll have access to our entire team of skilled, experienced commercial real estate consultants, so you won’t have to hire additional staff to fill skill or knowledge gaps, helping you hold down costs even further.


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