Understanding Pro Rata Share in Commercial Real Estate Dec. 14, 2021

The term “Pro Rata” means proportional or in proportion. In the context of commercial real estate, the term “Pro Rata Share” is a method of calculating a tenant’s share of a building’s expenses based upon a calculation defined in a tenant’s lease.  Pro Rata Share... Read More »

Percentage Rent In Commercial Real Estate Dec. 10, 2021

Another lease-related topic that generates a lot of interest is percentage rent. That’s been especially true the last two or three years, as changing consumer shopping habits have shaken up the retail industry and, by association, retail real estate. For those unfamiliar with the concept,... Read More »

Commercial Real Estate Lease Terms Glossary Nov. 07, 2021

Download Our Free Commercial Real Estate Lease Terms Glossary Exculpation clause. Ad valorem taxes. Consumer Price Index adjustment. Natural breakpoint. Commercial real estate leases have their own unique, purposeful and colorful language, established by generations of CRE professionals over the course of countless commercial real... Read More »

Six Best Practices For Commercial Real Estate Project Management

Project Management Best Practices Managing large-scale commercial real estate projects can be a challenge for even the most skilled and experienced project manager. Whether it’s lease abstraction, due diligence, underwriting, financial modeling for acquisitions or dispositions or any other type of commercial real estate project... Read More »

We Just Gave Our Web Site A Complete Makeover Aug. 31, 2021

Here’s what changed and why. If this is your first time visiting www.realogicinc.com, Realogic’s company web site, welcome! Regardless of how you found us- Google search, word of mouth, recommendation from a commercial real estate industry colleague, or even if you stumbled upon us by... Read More »

Announcing the New Home for Realogic Analytics Feb. 29, 2016

Welcome to the new realogicinc.com! Our website has been redesigned for compatibility with the latest desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile viewing devices and enhanced with a new responsive design.   What Changed? In addition to some necessary upgrades to the software that runs our website,... Read More »