Lunchtime Learning: ARGUS to Excel with Realogic Tools Feb. 26, 2016

April Class – Using Excel to analyze & report ARGUS® data with Interested in making your ARGUS experience better than ever?Realogic Tools®, uses Excel to leverage your ARGUS Valuation – DCF data like nothing else can. Tools seamlessly extracts ARGUS data into an Excel-based reporting... Read More »

What to Watch for in ARGUS: August Lunchtime Learning

The Commercial Real Estate Industry Standard ARGUS is a valuation-DCF software for the commercial real estate industry. Whether you are a property manager, asset manager, analysts, or others, you will come across this software. Realogic’s analysts are experienced and qualified to give you some quick... Read More »

Receivership of Distressed Properties: July Lunchtime Learning

The benefits and duties of a receiver Receivership firms create value through the efficient supervision and management of day-to-day and long term property operations. Come to Realogic’s July Lunchtime Learning series where S.L. van der Zanden and James Conley from RE|Solutions will explain what goes... Read More »