The ABCs of Commercial Real Estate Leases – Part 1: Lease Basics Jan. 08, 2022

On the surface, commercial real estate leases might not seem all that exciting. They tend to be long, formal, detailed documents filled with arcane real estate terminology and lengthy, intimidating legal clauses—not exactly most people’s idea of light bedtime reading. But, leases are the cornerstone... Read More »

Understanding Expense Gross Ups in Commercial Real Estate Dec. 15, 2021

Expense Gross Ups—or Grossing Up– is a term that frequently appears in commercial real estate leases. Grossing Up is a process for calculating a tenant’s share of a building’s variable operating expenses, where the expenses are increased for expense recovery purposes, or Grossed Up, to... Read More »

CPI In Commercial Real Estate Dec. 14, 2021

One topic that draws a lot of interest on both the Realogic Blog and in our commercial real estate training classes is rent increases tied to the CPI, the US government’s Consumer Price Index. What is the CPI, what does it have to do with... Read More »

Understanding Term Dates in Commercial Real Estate Leases

Leases are the fundamental building blocks of commercial real estate. Whatever the endeavor—underwriting, due diligence, financial modeling, lease administration— it starts with the humble and unassuming commercial real estate lease, a detailed, complex and usually lengthy document that serves as a legally binding contract between... Read More »