Venerable Company Was Among The First Tech-Enabled Firms To Provide Specialized Services, Software and Support to the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Chicago, IL—March 23, 2023—Realogic, a leading tech-enabled commercial real estate consulting firm and one of the very first companies to provide specialized services and support to the commercial real estate industry, including financial modeling, due diligence, lease abstraction, lease administration and underwriting, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

At the time Realogic was founded, commercial real estate owners, brokers, developers, investors, managers and capital providers typically handled those functions in-house and the idea of outsourcing them was completely novel.

Over time, Realogic expanded into technology and SaaS software solutions for its clients and developed one of the very first lease abstraction software solutions—originally named Ellipsis, now rAbstract—as well as Realogic Budget, an advanced budgeting software solution and Realogic Tools, a popular Excel add-in for analysis and reporting of Argus Valuation DCF data.

“30 years. What a remarkable milestone,” said Realogic CEO Jim Pettinger. “I feel like we are still in startup mode as we continually improve our processes and technology to provide value to our clients. That we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary is testament to all the smart, skilled and talented people we’ve had through the years and the outstanding work they’ve done to earn the commercial real estate industry’s trust.”

Over the past 30 years, Realogic’s commercial real estate consulting services and technology solutions have helped its clients maximize the return on their assets and investments while minimizing their costs. Realogic serves a diverse clientele, from the largest private equity and sovereign wealth funds to individual investors, and the venerable company’s ability to scale to its clients’ needs has allowed the firm to:

  • Perform due diligence, underwriting and financial modeling on billions of dollars’ worth of commercial real estate transactions.
  • Train and launch the careers of hundreds of commercial real estate professionals.
  • Maximize its clients’ investment, asset and property management resources via Realogic’s efficient lease administration, financial services outsourcing and technical solutions platforms. • Improve its clients’ internal planning, processes and execution.


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Terry Banike
Vice President of Marketing Realogic

About Realogic

Realogic is a best-in-class commercial real estate consulting firm based in downtown Chicago. Our company was founded in 1992, and in the 30 years since, has developed a well-earned reputation for our unmatched commercial real estate knowledge, experience, skills and expertise, as well as for the unrivaled quality and accuracy of our work. We offer a wide range of services, support and insights to help commercial real estate organizations of any type or size maximize the returns on their investments, including financial due diligence and modeling, valuation, underwriting, lease and loan document abstraction, on-going lease administration, commercial real estate training, staff augmentation and strategic planning. For more information on Realogic and our services, solutions and insights for the commercial real estate industry, visit