Here’s what changed and why.

If this is your first time visiting, Realogic’s company web site, welcome!

Regardless of how you found us- Google search, word of mouth, recommendation from a commercial real estate industry colleague, or even if you stumbled upon us by complete accident– we’re glad you’re here.

Please look around, linger and explore. We hope you like what you read, see and experience.

If you’ve been to before, then you’ve probably noticed that a lot about our web site has changed. That’s because we recently gave it an extensive makeover, from our newly designed and enhanced Home page to our concise, user-friendly contact us form.

Why did we give what was already a solid, popular and well-trafficked web site a thorough makeover? For several important reasons, all with our clients, prospective clients, partners, casual web site visitors and commercial real estate professionals at all levels and from all segments of the industry foremost in mind.

First, web site best practices are constantly changing and evolving, and we wanted to reflect the latest in web site technology, navigation, design and content to give visitors the best user experience possible, similar to how we strive to give our commercial real estate consulting, software and training clients the best service and support possible.

We’re confident you’ll find our new site structure simpler and more intuitive and our new-look site faster and easier to navigate than it was previously. In addition, you’ll see that our individual pages are cleaner and more streamlined and consistent, so you can scan or read them quickly.

Second, by extension, we wanted to provide our web site visitors with the latest, most up-to-date information on Realogic and our best-in-class commercial real estate consulting team, services, solutions and insights. So, we updated the content on our existing pages to concisely explain our philosophies, processes and methodologies and present the case that Realogic is, without question, the superior choice for commercial real estate consulting and essential services, including due diligence, underwriting, lease administration, lease abstraction, financial modeling, or any of the other services we proudly offer.

In addition, we’ve added several brand-new pages to help tell Realogic’s story- a story of continued growth and sustained excellence nearly 30 years in the making– and keep you up to date on the latest company news, events, projects and career opportunities.

Finally, and most importantly, we wanted to make an invaluable, must-read and see resource for anyone seeking the latest news, information and insights on the dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing, $16 trillion commercial real estate industry. So, we added several new resource pages, including a growing content Library, where we’ll be publishing original content and educational materials providing expert tips, commentary, observations and analysis from our world-class consulting team, as well as guest content from our clients, strategic partners and other commercial real estate thought leaders. We’ll be adding new, valuable content continually, so be sure to check our Blog and Content Library regularly so you don’t miss anything that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals, whether it’s to learn, stay up to date, work faster and more efficiently or increase the returns on your investments.

Before you leave our blog and look around at the other pages on our site, here are some of the more noteworthy updates, improvements and enhancements we’ve made:

  • A completely new and more intuitive site structure, with new pages that highlight all of our core consulting services and commercial real estate solutions, from due diligence and financial modeling to our built Excel development models and Workforce As A Service options.
  • An expanded and user-friendly Home page, providing a quick, easy-to-scroll overview of Realogic and our best-in-class consulting services. It also makes navigating to main pages and finding the information you’re looking for faster and easier.
  • An all-new Company section, with About Us, By The Numbers, Technology, Careers and News and Events pages that tell our company story and help keep you up to date on all things Realogic.
  • Updated pages for all of Realogic’s core services that explain our processes, how we work, our use of the latest commercial real estate technology, and why we’re head and shoulders better than any of our competitors
  • Updated Leadership Team bios and photos, to showcase the talent and deep commercial real estate expertise on our consulting and administrative teams
  • An all-new Resources section, including a Library that we are in the process of filling with valuable and educational content, including eBooks, white papers, cheat sheets, infographics and videos.
  • A re-imagined Blog and new Case Studies, with more recent examples of our work and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results under even the tightest deadlines
  • New Quick Links in the lower left corner, to make it easier to find and visit all the pages in our site, including our content Library and Blog
  • For those who want the latest commercial real news and insights delivered right to their inbox, we’ve added a quick, simple sign-up form for our new eNewsletter in the lower right corner

We hope you like the updates and enhancements we’ve made to and find our content- both current and upcoming- valuable, educational and worthwhile. If you’d ever like to share any feedback on our new look web site, our content or our company, feel free to email us at

Thanks for visiting and reading our Blog. We hope you return soon.

By Terry Banike, Marketing Manager, Realogic