Announcing the New Home for Realogic Analytics Feb. 29, 2016

Welcome to the new! Our website has been redesigned for compatibility with the latest desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile viewing devices and enhanced with a new responsive design.   What Changed? In addition to some necessary upgrades to the software that runs our website,... Read More »

Wrap Up from Building Owners & Managers Conference 2013

Last Friday, Property Managers in the Chicagoland area gathered at the Marriott Oak Brook to participate in Illinois Real Estate Journals’ Building Owners and Managers Conference. The half-day event schedule started with a networking breakfast followed by two expert panels with an intermission between them... Read More »

The Four Components of a Commercial Real Estate Lease

Continuing our Commercial Lease Fundamentals series, today’s topic is a breakdown of the four components of a commercial real estate lease. Component 1: Basic Lease Information Whenever I read a lease or a lease-related document, I like to think of myself as an investigative journalist... Read More »

Basic Lease Information Part I: The Parties to a Lease

Following up on last week’s blog article, The Four Components of a Real Estate Lease, today’s post explains the first part of what Realogic considers the first component, the basic lease information. Let’s consider the parties involved in a commercial real estate lease. Required Parties... Read More »

Basic Lease Information Part II: The Premises of a Lease

In last week’s article, we explored the different parties involved in commercial real estate leasesĀ and the roles each party is expected to play in a lease. For this post, I’ll tackle the intricacies of how Commercial Real Estate Leases define leased space, also known as... Read More »

Rent: Introduction to Additional Rent Concepts

In last week’s post, I introduced the basics of Base Rent in Commercial Real Estate Leases and offered all readers a chance to grab the quick and dirty Excel Base Rent Calculator I use when the lease administration application doesn’t have that built-in functionality. In... Read More »

Rent: Understanding Proportionate Share

Today is the return of the Commercial Lease Fundamentals Blog series for the first time in the new year. If you’ve stumbled onto this post without reading the first two months of the series, you can read through all the previous posts in our blog... Read More »