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Realogic was founded in 1992, and in the over 30 years since, has become well-known for our unrivaled commercial real estate skills, knowledge and expertise. Our unparalled quality, accuracy and integity set us apart from the competition.

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our services and solutions

due diligence

Whether you’re acquiring, selling, financing or investing in a commercial real estate property, Realogic can help with any or all aspects of your due diligence and provide expert closing support.

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lease abstraction & administration

The lease abstraction and administration teams at Realogic have decades of experience working with tenant leases, loan documents, estoppels and other complex commercial real estate documents.

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financial modeling

Our trusted, experienced team has modeled thousand of commercial real estate buildings and transactions over the past three decades. We also offer ready-to-use Excel models for acquisition, development and fund analysis.

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valuation & underwriting

Realogic has the right commercial real estate skills, experience and specialized expertise to lead or support any valuation or underwriting project, no matter how large, small, simple or complex.

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staff development & augmentation

Realogic offers practical, hands-on commercial real estate training, and we can provide workforce and consulting solutions to meet your changing business needs when you need extra help or specific expertise.

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Our blog covers everything and anything related to commercial real estate, from industry news, analysis, and insights, to valuable tips and expert guidance, to commercial real estate basics. Our expert team is posting new content constantly, so visit our blog regularly.

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Visit our ever-growing library of insightful, educational and thought-provoking resources on commercial real estate, including eBooks, white papers, infographics, cheat sheets, glossaries and more. Our original content addresses a wide range of topics and is designed to help commercial real estate professionals at all levels learn, solve problems, stay on top of the industry and prosper professionally.

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