Updates Include New Information, Helpful Tips and Insights, Detailed Examples, Links to Additional Resources

A few years back, we ran a series of blog posts on the fundamentals of commercial real estate leases. The posts explained the four main components of commercial real estate leases, provided definitions for dozens of common and less common lease clauses, included sample language from actual leases – identifying details disguised, of course– and explained and illustrated various real estate financial concepts using easy to understand formulas and step-by-step calculations.

The majority of the content in the posts was taken directly from the training and supplemental materials from a popular training course we offered at the time called “Commercial Real Estate Lease Fundamentals”. Although the posts are several years old at this point, they continue to attract hundreds of readers each month. In addition, we continually receive questions about some of the topics covered in those blog posts, from our clients, commercial real estate associates, and especially from the CRE professionals who participate in our training courses. There’s obviously a strong interest in those topics and a need for the information provided in those articles. So, we have decided to update the five most popular posts in the series, adding new information, tips and insights. Those posts are:

Our original post on CPI in Commercial Real Estate has been especially popular, probably because the concept of CPI is still used in the industry frequently, but there’s a dearth of information on the subject. Likewise, dozens still read our original post on Percentage Rent every month, likely because the retail sector has faced so many challenges the past few years. Hopefully, those of you who read our updated posts will find the information valuable and insightful.

In addition, we’ve added several new related resources to our ever-growing Library of commercial real estate tools, information and resources that you might find very helpful. These include a commercial real estate glossary, with definitions for over 140 lease terms, and The ABCs of Commercial Real Estate Leases, our comprehensive guide to lease fundamentals, including lease basics, rent, options and more.

We’ll be posting more about CRE leases, lease abstraction, lease administration and other related topics on our blog soon. Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about commercial real estate leases, we offer a training course called “Understanding Commercial Real Estate Leases”, as well as a class on lease abstraction. Both are taught by experienced members of our best-in-class team of commercial real estate consultants. Our “Understanding Commercial Real Estate Leases” training class is perfect for anyone who’s new to commercial real estate and looking to learn, or for someone who has been working in the industry and wants to refresh their knowledge of leases.

We hope you find our updated posts on commercial real estate lease fundamentals to be helpful and educational. If you have any questions or comments on any of our blog posts, please feel free to email us at info@realogicinc.com.


By Terry Banike, Marketing Manager, Realogic