Realogic possesses a diverse real estate investment and analysis skill set, making us uniquely qualified to provide the breadth of expertise necessary to assist throughout the underwriting process.

Capital Markets Surveillance

Through its extensive level of expertise in structured finance, CMBS and secondary markets, Realogic has provided clients with unparalleled reconnaissance.

The key to Realogics’ process is to first improve the client’s understanding of the positions they may hold, then quickly and efficiently establish mark-to-market and discount/premium yield analysis. That then allows our clients to effectively understand and manage their positions and identify opportunities within the marketplace.

Distressed Debt Analysis


Realogic has been instrumental in helping our clients navigate the turbulent economic times of the last 6 years.

Using our extensive experience in distressed debt and by leveraging our relationships with special servicers and REO divisions at banks, Realogic provides our clients with the knowledge to determine appropriate “haircuts” at any subordination level.

Custom Modeling


excel-comp-screen-396-194Realogic has extensive levels of experience creating Discounted Cash Flow Models for all types of commercial properties including DCF for Retail, Office, Industrial or Mixed Use.

DCF Modeling

Using a variety of applications (ARGUS® Valuation-DCF, ARGUS Asset Management and others), our staff, seniors, managers and partners are all experts in the use of commercial real estate DCF tools.

The vast experience in all types and sizes of porftolios (under every imaginable and seemingly impossible timeline) has afforded Realogic consultants the essential experience needed to assist your team in completing any DCF modeling project you may have before you.

Services include DCF model creation, conversion, updates & audits as well as electronic creation of models using data from accounting systems or other financial data systems.

Custom Excel Modeling

Realogic provides custom Excel modeling and analysis services to lending institutions, development entities and owners/investors. Our models, built using advanced Excel and visual basic commands, are based on client requirements and are user-friendly, comprehensive and scalable for any size project, facilitating critical asset and portfolio management decisions.



Realogic has a long history of successfully providing private equity firms, funds, REITS, and fund of fund firms with the assistance needed to quickly and accurately assess potential deals.

Whether the Equity project requires complex waterfall structures, evaluating leveraged and unleveraged returns or other salient ratios, Realogic consulting has the experience to assist your team with any equity related projects.

Existing Debt and New Issuance

SONY DSCRealogic has vast experience providing debt underwriting assistance in an array of capacities.

Our team has spear-headed entire underwriting projects from inception to completion of a deal encompassing all elements including compilation of data, analysis of cash flows and relevant ratios such as DSCR, LTV, Expense Ratios, etc. in order to create pitchbooks and credit committee memos to help our clients quickly, efficiently and accurately assess a deal without demanding significant resources of their team.

Whether Realogic runs an entire deal or assists on specific tasks, our clients can complete larger deals and orchestrate a larger pipeline, leading to increased profitability.